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About Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house which was founded in 1854 by fashion designer Louis Vuitton. The company originally started out by making luggage goods. It introduced innovative luggage trunks that were compact and had more than enough space for people to carry their stuff around. The trunks were also stackable, which meant that luggage took less space when stored. Louis Vuitton spent a lot of time capturing the world of luggage goods. In late 1997, Louis Vuitton made Marc Jacobs its Artistic Director. Marc Jacobs was the first one to design and introduce clothing and apparel to Louis Vuitton. This new venture had a rocky start but managed to make a prominent place in the world of fashion thanks to their popularity and connections all over the world. Louis Vuitton is now a huge name in the world of fashion, with many famous celebrities endorsing the brand.

Louis Vuitton Varsity Jackets

Louis Vuitton really grew as a fashion brand over time, and made such a name, that many people have no idea of their original roots. Items such as the Louis Vuitton Green Varsity Jacket and Louis Vuitton Purple and White Varsity Jacket are the epitome of fashion, all thanks to Louis Vuitton. Serving as an inspiration, this collection of Louis Vuitton Varsity Jackets is the representation of fashion and style for everyone to enjoy. We provide 100% accurate Louis Vuitton Varsity Jackets for everyone so that you may be able to represent your favorite fashion powerhouse.